09 06.17.

Study visit at the University of Oldenburg

On 5-9 June 2017 within the framework of Erasmus + Project – “Promoting Migration Studies in Higher Education” (573554), study visit at the University of Oldenburg was organised. The study visit primarily concentrated on the one of the key goals of the project to develop Curriculum in Migration Studies for the Universities in Afghanistan. Universities from South Caucasus Region and Afghanistan participated in the discussions which were led by the University of Oldenburg.

Oldenburg Study Visit 1

During the visit the following topics were covered:

  • Educational System in Afghanistan and it’s applicability with Bologna Standards;
  • Developing, Implementing and evaluating migration studies MA programs within South Caucasus Region;
  • The Situation of Dalits Today – The Contribution of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar and His Call for Social Change in India;

During the study visit University of Oldenburg offered the possibility to consortium member institutions to participate also in the international conference – Migration, Gender, Politics were Universities from South Caucasus Region could also present their research interests and the results of ongoing research projects.

University of Oldenburg also offered field visits to migration related centres operating in Oldenburg including – Olena, OEins, IBIS, HWK and etc.

Oldenburg Study Visit 1
Oldenburg Study Visit 2
Oldenburg Study Visit 3